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On February 15, 1953, employees of the City of Pensacola formed a credit union to provide employees and their family members a means of saving money with higher dividend rates and borrowing money at lower interest rates. When the Escambia County Utilities Authority was formed in 1982, many of the city employees were transferred to this new entity. We changed our name to Pensacola Government FCU to encompass the local government employees. In 2015, we once again changed our name to My Pensacola Credit Union to better embrace our current identity. While our name may have changed over the years, our core value of offering our members higher savings rates and lower lending rates has not changed! 

My Pensacola CU is a not-for-profit financial institution run for the benefits of "you" — our members. Credit Unions are member owned cooperatives. The earnings of your credit union, after expenses and reserves, are returned to the member-owners in the form of higher dividends, low cost loans and services. 

Our officials serve our members both professionally and progressively with dedication unsurpassed to the credit union philosophy and to our members. These dedicated volunteers bring decades of personal and professional experience to their deliberations as the policy making body of our credit union. 

For over seventy years, the officials and staff of My Pensacola CU have been dedicated to member service to our member-owners.

We believe in making it yours!

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