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Your credit score is undoubtedly a vital aspect of life, major future purchases and financial status. No matter the reason your credit score may be suffering, it’s time to do something about it. There will be no quick fix to boost your credit score, and it won’t happen overnight or on its own. You must consistently manage your credit for as long as each line of credit is open, not just sporadically. The tips discussed below will help you answer the question “how to boost my credit score.”

Consistently Check Your Credit Report 

Errors on your credit report occur more often than you may think. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion are the three major credit bureaus, and each person has a report for each one. It is very important to check these reports on a regular basis to spot any errors or discrepancies. If, for instance, you find a new credit card opened on your report that you know you didn’t apply for, you must dispute this immediately to get it removed before it damages your credit. 

Pay Off Multiple Balance 

Many people who maintain a small balance on multiple credit cards think, “this will definitely help my credit score”. This is a false assumption. Charging small amounts to multiple cards, as opposed to charging a larger amount to one card, creates something called nuisance balances. These nuisance balances can hurt your credit score. It is best to keep one or two cards as your most commonly used cards and pay off the smaller debts on the other cards. Paying down your debts and keeping usage below 30% is a good rule of thumb for improving your score with credit card balances.

Keep it Simple

The most tried and true method for improving your credit score is to make scheduled, on-time payments every month. Methods such as moving your money around, opening unnecessary credit cards or hiring a credit repair company are no match to the simplicity of making consistently on-time, monthly payments on your credit lines. Again, this method will not boost your credit score 200 points overnight, but you will see your score gradually increase as time goes on.

By following these quick tips, you should be on the best track to boosting and maintaining a great credit score. Make sure to consistently check your credit report, pay off multiple balances and make on-time payments each month to ensure a more stable credit score. Call My Pensacola Credit Union at (850) 432-9939 to learn more about how we can help you boost your credit score and other services.

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